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Rely on our fully licensed and insured professionals

We know that your home is your castle and your sanctuary. Don't settle for sharing it with unwanted guests. Give us a call today to speak directly with one of our experienced exterminators.


Whether you need help ridding pests from your residential, commercial, or industrial property, you can count on us to remove all unexpected critters in a clean and timely manner. And, because we only use environmentally sound chemicals, you can rest at ease that you and your family will be safe from harm.


We utilize Integrated Pest Management practices to determine the best plan of action for your unique needs. IPM involves a combination of steps designed to provide you with long-term relief from pests.


Upon the initial service visit we will complete an inspection of the interior and exterior of your home or business including living areas, bedrooms, kitchen, basement, garages and entry points where pests and rodents could gain access to your home. Power-spray or granulation of the home’s exterior, based on the exterior weather conditions. Crack and crevice treatment along exterior doors and windows.

Say goodbye to those pesky varmints for good.

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There are no pests too big or too small

Say goodbye to stinging, creepy-crawlies

All insects have a place on this earth, but that doesn't mean that place has to be in your home. Take a stand against ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, sugar ants, silverfish, bees, fleas, roaches, wasps, termites, bed bugs, palmetto bugs, hornets, and everything in between by calling on our multi-talented team of exterminators.


Protect your home from pests

Pests can bring sickness and disease into your home. You can depend on us to provide a thorough inspection of your home, identifying and sealing all potential entry points that the pests are using.


Wide array of extermination services

Whether its crack sealing, power spraying, or setting and baiting traps, you can expect us to do exactly what it takes to make you feel comfortable in your own home once again. Rediscover peace of mind today by giving our experts a call.

Get the biggest bang for your buck. Take advantage of our low rates.

Pest professional

We provide comprehensive home exterior inspection for any indication of pests and termites. Exterior cob web removal to stop or discourage spider activity. Pest control and termite control treatment for your home’s exterior creating a barrier against pests and termites. Interior services are provided upon request at no additional charge. In addition we can also vacuum, broom and use exterior foam. A service flag will be placed in the yard upon completion of exterior services.


All of our pest control services are performed by trained and licensed pest professionals. Therefore, all of our pest control services are covered by our Pest Solutions Guarantee. Our pest control technicians are licensed, certified, bonded and insured. Our technicians receive on-going educational experience and classroom training on pest management, safety, and pest behavior and habitat, making them among the most qualified experts in pest control and termite control within Pottawatomie County.